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The Miracle of Herbs

   Our formulations help to detoxify the brain of heavy metals, poisons, and other toxins, which is valuable for proper brain function.
   The wild herbs that we have specifically chosen are gentle, and can offer support for every system. 
   Each of our herbal blends is small-batch crafted, containing only the cleanest and most vibrant ingredients.     
   Because the herbs are uniquely extracted gently and naturally by the sun, they can be absorbed within seconds directly into the bloodstream, via the soles of the feet. This method avoids the digestive tract and has proven more effective than pills or capsules. 
   Our goal is to deliver revolutionary health benefits naturally and effectively. We never use chemicals, CO2, or solvents. This process ensures that our products are made pure and natural. Find out for yourself how remarkable our products are.

Do Herbs work?   Is Autism genetic?

Audio testimony

Debbie's experience with the oils

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This is an unedited phone recording. Saba, shares her experiences with the Oils. Shes from Kenya

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Saba just texted me this message. I want to thank you for taking the time to hear my story. I have more good news for you, my younger son just got a haircut and Kokobay said, did you like your haircut? God bless you and your family.

Earline purchased the product June 3rd 2020 and this is what happened in 8 weeks, so be patient, and stick with the program.

       Hi, I started giving my great-grand son, Nehemiah, the Autism formula. He is 9 years old, he was nonverbal. He is now saying words, he looks at you when you call him, and he goes to the bathroom by his self. He closes the door when you go in the bathroom with him, then he pushes you out. He has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. My hope is he will be able to communicate with us.


Earline Keesee


Jane from the UK

        Hi Donald, I thought  I would update you on Cole's progress since using the drops- he has begun doing things he has never done before e.g. He always hated having a bath & having his hair washed- it was quite an ordeal for my daughter regardless of how she tried to make it a fun experience-this last week whenever she starts to run the bath he is there like a shot- in fact now she has trouble when she tries to get him out! LOL

       Also he has a toy roller coaster in the garden & has never shown any interest in climbing on to the car himself- again this last week my daughter looked out of the kitchen window to see him getting on to the ride & whizzing down the chute & repeating again and again. Now some might say it could all be a coincidence but both my daughter & I know it's the oils that have got something to do with this about-turn. 

      As I explained Cole is non-verbal but he is now making many more sounds @ different pitches & laughing @ funny things- of course, we are biased but he is such a happy loving child anyways but he seems to be coming on in leaps & bounds these last couple of weeks... I feel I was meant to come across your site on a totally different forum & thank you from the bottom of my         Jane.

      Dear Donald, Thank you so much for your loving, reassuring & kind words. I have just had a message from Holly (my daughter & Cole's mommy) she has once again commented on how much he is enjoying his bathing- which may not seem like very much to other people but to us-knowing how difficult this daily routine has been is indeed a milestone. I cannot speak highly enough about the impact of your products so far. I was going to see how things progressed not only with Cole but also once I start using your products- I had thought of maybe joining forces & promoting you over here in the United Kingdom if that's something that could work for you?

      Hi Donald, Sorry for the delay in responding- I have been off-line for a couple of days. Thank you for being so understanding. Cole continues to be more alert day by day- only baby steps but definitely in the right direction, I will keep you updated on Cole's progress & Holly's testimony. You will be pleased to know there is already another "interested party" an acquaintance (friend of a friend) of Holly's-who had no clue regarding Cole's situation-had noticed Holly had liked a post on facebook-she decided, out of the blue to reach out to Holly in a private message. It turns out she has a son around Cole's age who is definitely on the spectrum. I was reduced to tears when Holly sent me a before and after video (before vaccination and after) of her boy.

      This poor child appears so much more 'hurt' than Cole- I went through a range of emotions all day yesterday-from heart-wrenching sadness to anger to hope for the future. This Mommy wants to meet up with Holly & Cole-Holly has already mentioned the oils & she is very eager to meet Holly & Cole in person.

      Donald- since it first became apparent that Cole had developmental issues I have invested many, many hours researching Cole's condition-I have had my eyes well and truly opened, I believe a lot of children/people can be helped with your oils, I need to know the situation with large orders from the US to the UK-is it something you believe is viable/possible:  eagerly awaiting your response,   Jane.










                 Suggestion of use:

     Apply to the soles of feet.  

  • Infancy to 2 yrs. 1 drop to each foot.

  • Age 3 yr. to 12 yrs. 3 drops to one foot. 

  • 13 yrs. to Adult 3 drops to each foot  3 in the morning and 3 at night.

  •  Rub in gently but thoroughly.

           Detox for 12 days.

Our product works like essential oils. It is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream


                    Suggestion of use:

  •  Infant to 1 yrs. Apply one drop on  each foot.

  •  2 yrs. to 12 yrs. apply 2 drops on one foot.

  • 13 yrs. to adults use 2 drop on each foot or you may apply the drops to the palms of their hands. (Preferably to the soles of the foot.)

  • Rub in gently but thoroughly.

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We suggest that you use the Detox formula first before applying the Autism formula.

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  It is our philosophy that when our bodies become depleted of minerals and vitamins of a natural source, the body becomes imbalanced. That the Creator, because we are from the earth, gave us plants, herbs, roots, and barks to restore the body to harmony and gave us wisdom in the use of these things. We are not the healers of this body, for it has the power to heal itself, self-contained in that the body recognizes plants and herbs as self by the intelligence of the cells, the body can then restored into balance, and health is brought back into harmony. Therefore we can only say that you will experience a mighty change.

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  We are a family business founded in the quest for a natural way of health and wellness in our approach to many incurables. Our experience with herbs has convinced us that there is no incurable disease.

   Traveling this path has given us a profound respect for the wisdom and love of the great Creator. We are both Master Herbalist and Nutritionist, through the School of Natural Healing and have been using herbs in our Family for years. Our company is our way of sharing a natural way to your health and well being. Our clients' bare testimony of our products, let them speak for us. Thank you

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